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We Create Outstanding User Experiences

Onehouse is a boutique web design and software development agency located in San Francisco, CA. We've been in operation for nearly 15 years. And, we've worked with clients ranging from large, household names to small, mom-and-pop startups.

Working With Onehouse

Our process is largely a collaborative one. We tend to work as a technology partner with our clients, helping them to navigate the current technology landscape and come up intelligent solutions to their problems.

Development Practices

We practice the art of common sense. Each project is slightly different, and we try to customize a workflow that best fits the team and requirements. For longer, more involved projects we tend to follow an Agile development workflow. We believe pair programming yields the highest quality results. And, our development efforts are always test driven.


Ygrene Energy Fund - Project Manager

Ygrene Energy provides financing for green energy upgrades to commercial and residential properties. Onehouse worked with them to create the core application for their business, which provides a number of tools that facilitate the application process and helps to manage the funding lifecycle.


ACADIA - Website & Membership System

ACADIA is an association of researchers and professionals interested in using computer aided design in architecture. We developed a content managment system for them with a number of social networking tools, allowing members to share content and interact with eachother.


BetterMe - Application

BetterMe was a startup focused on creating an application to facilitate requesting and receiving anonymous feedback. They came to us with an alpha stage prototype. We re-wrote most of the application from the ground up and gave them a stable product to release.


Borrego - Dashboard

Borrego is a commercial solar power systems company. We developed a solar panel dashboard interface for them that takes meter information from some of their installations and displayes pertinent information in human readable fashion for their end clients to display on kiosks or displays at their offices.


CAC Group - Content Manager

The CAC Group was a commercial real estate management company, recently aquired by CBRE . We developed a custom content management system for them that allowed them to manage listing information for their extensive portfolio. The system was integrated into their website, which we also developed.


IronRidge - Product Configurators

IronRidge manufactures solar panel mounting hardware. We designed and developed the front-end portion of a series of product configurators that allow prospective buyers to create a solar panel layout and then generate a bill of materials.


WP&B - Ordering System

Willamette Print & Blueprint is a reprographics company in Northern Oregon. We developed an ordering system for them, allowing their customers to create custom print orders. The system has a customer facing component, which customers can use to view orders. It also ties into an existing job tracking system that we also developed for them.