Onehouse is a boutique web design and application development shop located in the Dogpatch neighboorhood of San Francisco. We specialize in web applications made for mobile and desktop environments.



Amazing software requires a deep understanding of the end user. Providing amazing software consulting services also requires a deep understanding of the client.


If you're looking to "bang something out", we are not the right provider for you. We believe in providing high quality, maintainable code. However, ironically, applying solid process and practices saves time and money. These savings usually come in the form of an up-front investement that saves unecessary work in the future.

Clear/reliable communication

We're not just providing software design and development services. We're maintaining a relationship, and like any relationship, clear and reliable communication is paramount.


Onehouse started out in a tiny Berkeley, CA apartment in 2000. We began building websites for family and local businesses while still in college. We got to experience the dot com bubble and following crash first hand. Luckily our overhead was non-existent. We weathered the storm, continuing to grow our design and development skill sets. When the industry bounced back, we had a good amount of experience and we've continued to provide design and development services for a host of clients, large and small to this day. Through the years, we've always tried to stay small, preferring to dedicate ourselves to a small set of core clients. We hope to keep it that way for years to come.


I like cake

Arum Ahn

Arum has been working with engineers for over 15 years to design and develop web applications for companies in various industries. Arum works to define the project, develop the technical specs and wireframes and manage the project and team


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Elliot Larson

Elliot Larson is our lead systems designer. He's been designing and developing web applications for over 15 years. He's been working primarily with Ruby and the Rails framework for over 10 of those years. The majority of Elliot's work has involved implementing software as a service projects (SaaS) using Agile methodologies. He has worked with a variety of companies ranging from large corporations like Yahoo and Logitech to a number of smaller startups